We Are Pikaboos

There lies a child hidden within all of us. However as time progresses, most of us tend to lose the child in the maddening world of the mundane life. We did & so did most of you, we are sure!

A day came along when we decided to look back on when & how we lost the skill of relishing the simple pleasures of life. It was not long before we realized that it was as simple as listing down the little things that gave us immense joy as children.

This is how it all began. We rediscovered the incomparable bliss of biting into a crunchy cookie or how all our worries would just melt away with a single bite into a cupcake topped with a mouth-watering swirl and how we loved to cut those specially designed cakes to suit our fantasies! And thus began our journey to help everyone around us delve into some self-indulgence & what betterway than to treat yourself to some scrumptious cakes & cookies to give all you sweet tooths a sugar-rush!

So here we are, offering a wide range of cakes, cupcakes, cookies & much more to delight you. Be rest assured that our fresh hand-made yummy goodies will drive you down the memory lane & leave you with a heavenly after-feeling! Share your imaginations with us & we promise to kick life into them through our creations. What makes the deal even sweeter is the fact that we bake our goodies fresh & free of any added preservatives.